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If you’re a midwife or student midwife and you’re looking to learn a range of vital skills from us regarding pregnancy in the areas of reflexology and acupressure and other complementary & alternative medicine/therapies, then please read on to find out more about our courses and workshops.

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About Our Midwives  Workshops and Certificate Course

Welcome to Sole to Soul Maternity Reflexology. We’re dedicated to providing midwives and student midwives who come to our courses a wide range of skills that deal with pregnancy, birth and fertility. If you’re a midwife or student midwife, we can offer you a course to help you learn useful knowledge to help you to further your own skills. If you’re looking to learn and expand your knowledge in reflexology, acupressure and more, then don’t hesitate any longer – contact us today. 

Introduction to Reflexology Workshop
The 1-day introduction workshop on reflexology for midwives and student midwives includes an overview of reflexology history and theory, practical relaxing techniques, uses and application in midwifery practice. 

The Reflexology for Midwives certificate course is designed to provide a competency-based training in reflexology for midwives to complement their existing midwifery skills. The course is for midwives and student midwives with no previous reflexology training and totals 44 hours combining workshops, practice and worksheets.
The course is conducted over 4 days and held as 2 weekends (approx. 6 weeks apart) with a skype session in between workshops. The course includes reflexology techniques, reflexology assessment routines and reflexology therapies with specific application to midwifery practice - antenatal, intrapartum, postnatal and newborns.
A Certificate of Reflexology for Midwives is awarded on satisfactory completion of all assessments including 90% attendance and 10 hours practical log book. The certificate course also attracts 44 ACM CPD points. 

Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine/Therapies Workshop
The 1-day or 2 day introduction workshop covers an overview of complementary and alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, hypnosis, reflexology and acupressure uses and application in midwifery practice for midwives and student midwives. A short practical session on reflexology and/or acupressure is included.
Contact Bernadette Leiser if interested on 0417 230 842 

Course Locations

We have conducted courses in NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory in Australia; and Japan. 

We’re holding our introduction workshops in the following locations:
    Albany WA: Midwifery Reflexology 1 day Introduction Workshop - 26 November 2017: Flyer - hit button below for flyer
    Albany WA: Acupressure 1 day workshop - 25th November 2017- Hit button below for flyer
    Perth WA: Acupressure 1 day workshop- 1st December 2017- refer to Acupressure page for flyer

To organise a workshop or course in your areas, contact us at Sole to Soul Maternity Reflexology
via email at

Midwifery Reflexology 1 Day Workshop 26 Nov 2017 Albany- Flyer

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