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Maternity Reflexology Workshops and courses from Sole to Soul 

If you’re a reflexologist and you’re looking to expand on your skills by learning a wide range in maternity reflexology, then contact us. We’ll help you learn how to use these skills with pregnant women along with other knowledge related to fertility. 

Basic Overview of Our Workshops  and Post-graduate Certificate Course for Reflexologists

Maternity Reflexology Post-graduate certificate course and workshops are designed to provide qualified reflexologists with a basic knowledge of women's fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal experience. The course workshops also includes information about the development of the incoming soul, its manifestation on the mother's feet and reflexology care for the newborn baby. 

The course workshops are conducted over 2x-2 day weekend workshops (total 4 days) and is a mixture of theory, discussion and practical work. The first workshop covers the female pelvis and reflex zones on the feet and from pre-conception until the end of pregnancy (hormones of fertility) including an overview on infertility. The second workshop covers the incoming soul and reflection on the feet, birthing and the postnatal period and baby reflexology. 

Reflexologists can choose to attend the workshops as an interest course only and will receive a Statement of Attendance and 15 CPD point per workshop for relevant professional body membership requirements such as the RA0A. 

Post-Graduate Certificate Course 

To complete the certificate of competency in maternity reflexology, participants are required to complete the two workshops, practical assessments, course assignments, case studies and a reflective journal. Participants are also required to present one case study (10-15 minutes) on the first day of workshop 2.  

A minimum of 6 weeks between workshops is suggested to give participants choosing to complete the post-graduate certificate course the time to gain maternity reflexology experience and begin the case studies. 

Course Locations and Dates

We are holding our courses for reflexologists across Australia at the following locations. 
  • Victoria: For future courses, contact ASRR:
  • Western Australia: Perth- 2 & 3rd December 2017. Venue: 162 Whatley Cres Maylands 6152.  Flyer- hit button below
  • Queensland: Brisbane early 2018.Dates & venue to be confirmed. Email Lyndall if interested
WA Perth Dec 2017 - Maternity Reflexology Part 1 Flyer

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